Overse will be an open source future fiction wiki-style database of tech and lore. This Opensource Universe will be a free context in which authors can create hard science fiction. One of the main features will be the database of future tech. The goal is to, as much as reasonably possible, predict the future of technology and list it with timelines and as much detail as possible. Considerations for cost/demand/style/etc. will be included to attempt to predict the look of it. 3D models will be created for each tech. At first, I, the creator of this site, will have final say over everything. But as it grows and I can't handle it, I plan to implement a peer-based wiki-type process for iteratively improving all items contained herein. There will be multiple branches. The trunk and main branch, "branch zero", will be based upon the hardest fictional tech. This branch won't have junk like teleportation, space warping, and other stuff that isn't possible without "discovering" some "hyper-space" thing that current science can't predict. Nano-tech will be a major theme though. Then there will be other branches, wherever there is a contentious decision to be made about tech items like including space warping, as yet undiscovered forces, etc. The Story side of the site will have lore which every author can use as a backdrop. Additions and modifications to the Lore will be carefully added and consensus will be at least attempted. Where there are major splits in opinion, branches will be created. Branches in Lore will have to follow those of Tech as well.